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Errand Solutions has delivered our one-of-a-kind service to over 3 million users at more than 200 client locations in 20 states. CEO Marsha McVicker started the company in 2000 with the goal of helping people live up to their full potential. Errand Solutions was designed to take away the distractions of everyday stresses and help people focus on the important things in life. Through our service, we increase employee productivity and provide more quality free time away from work.

Errand Solutions WOW story

Errand Solutions Wow Story

Louise smiled and produced a stack of papers.

It was already done.

She was so sure that Cindy would go for the iguana plan, she'd gone ahead and contacted the local pet stores and even an iguana society to get all the information Cindy would need.

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Wedding season is in full swing, which means over a million couples will be tying the knot throughout the next 6 months.

As any current or past bride (or groom) will tell you, wedding planning these days can be a full-time job. Studies have found that the average wedding takes 250 hours to plan. And when someone has a full-time job, how do they do it? Well 90% of brides have admitted to wedding planning while at work. Between emailing vendors, shopping for dresses, picking out the invitations and just staring at their new, shiny, engagement ring, there’s a lot to do and only so many hours in the day to do it.

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Ever since I started Errand Solutions, we’ve been called a “concierge company”. And it makes me cringe! Our team is full of wonderful people whose job is to take care of our customers’ errands and help them live purpose-driven lives. But when I think of a concierge, I think of a snobby person behind a desk. They make recommendations based on who gives them kickbacks, not on what’s best for the customer. That’s not what I built.

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I’ve only been in the work force for a few years, but like many young professionals, I did a lot of research before choosing my industry. I looked at a ton of companies, but I never came across any that offers a benefit like custom concierge services. In fact, before I joined the Errand Solutions team, I wasn’t even aware that this type of company existed. Vacation days and health insurance are great, but they just aren’t enough. 

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Errand Solutions is always growing and we’re about to welcome a new executive assistant to our team! As her start-date approaches, it got me thinking about the best ways we can welcome her to the HUB. While Errand Solutions is a small company, these welcoming tips can work for a company of any size. So whether your company has 50 employees or 500, a new employee should feel as if they’re joining a family, which they are. Here are some great ways to do just that:

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At Errand Solutions, our culture is both highly innovative and team-oriented. We are ambitious in our pursuit of excellence and in providing real results to our customers. We seek enterprising, enthusiastic professionals that live and breathe service excellence. 

The following opportunities are available at this time:

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Errand Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Click here to view our full EEO Statement. 


Qualified Vendor Partners are reliable leaders in their service categories. Our bakers are local favorites, mechanics are the most trustworthy, and our shoe and leather repair experts are respected craftsmen.

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Errand Solutions WOW Story - Lucy

Errand Solutions Wow Story

Good girl!

Lucy dropped the ball by Emily’s feet. Emily crouched down and patted the dog's neck. Lucy was grinning, and her coat glinted, slightly brindled in the sunlight. She nudged the ball with her nose.

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