Corporate: Increasing Engagement

Stress has become a common villain in our increasingly fast-paced culture. In fact, more than half of working adults—and 47% of all Americans—say they are concerned with the amount of stress in their lives. In addition, one in three U.S. employees experiences feeling overworked as a chronic condition.

Although most employers probably would like to help their employees with these problems, many wonder if there is any point beyond simple benevolence. Forward-thinking employers are finding that work/life balance initiatives, which ultimately lead to reduced stress and improve the health of employees, result in real financial advantages for their organization. Additionally, employers that are able to offer work-life balance programs are likely hold on to engaged, focused and productive staff and also gain access to a wider recruitment pool, attracting the best staff. Providing concierge or errand-running services is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways employers can help all employees save time and reduce stress as well as improve their marketplace position.

In today’s workplace, it is essential for employers to find and support innovative ways to improve their reputation and overall market position, while attracting and retaining the best staff. Employers who can offer work-life balance programs are likely to have the competitive edge, gain access to a wider recruitment pool, and are more likely to hold onto existing staff—with increased productivity and engagement. Through programs aimed at creating a premiere employee experience, Errand Solutions helps to position your organization at the front of the line in a competitive marketplace.