Healthcare: Increasing Satisfaction

Healthcare in the U.S. has become extremely competitive. With hospital ratings and patient experience data available to the public, patients and their loved ones have become savvy consumers, looking to find the very best care. Today, the model of care is no longer viewed through a purely clinical lens. The modern definition of healthcare has expanded to include the entire patient experience, ranging from pre-admission, parking availability, way-finding, food service, cleanliness of the room, all the way to the responsiveness of call bells, how well a care team works together, and accommodations of visitors and family.

With some of the new healthcare legislation already going into effect, more and more facilities are finding out that patient satisfaction is not just a nice gesture - it’s good business. By tracking the patient experience through measures like HCAHPS and other survey tools, the new reforms will determine a level of reimbursement based on service.

Additionally, studies show that patient satisfaction is directly linked to employee satisfaction. In fact, more than half of working adults – and 47% of all Americans – say they are concerned with the amount of stress in their lives. Forward-thinking employers are finding that work/life balance initiatives, which ultimately lead to reduced stress and improve the health of employees, result in real financial advantages for their organizations.

In today’s healthcare marketplace, it is essential to find and support innovative ways to improve reputation and overall marketplace position, while attracting and retaining the best staff. Through programs aimed at creating a premiere patient and employee experience, and supporting a welcoming family experience, Errand Solutions helps to set its clients apart from the competition.

Check out our comprehensive menu of customized healthcare services below:

Employee Errand Running LifeStylist Patient Experience Mapping Consultation Patient Rounding
Emergency Department Relations Mother/Baby Concierge Discharge Assistance Volunteer Enhancement


Employee Errand Running

Our original model, the Errand Solutions employee program is designed to save your employees both time and money. An unprecedented tool to increase productivity and employee engagement, our Sanity Savers take care of your employees’ to do lists while they’re working, allowing them to spend their free time with family and friends. Our most valued services include:

  • Auto Services (wash, detail, repair, oil change)
  • Personal Services (dry cleaning, laundry, jewelry repair, shoe and leather care)
  • Gifts (flowers, gift baskets, movie tickets, gift cards, amusement park tickets)
  • Event Planning (catering, bakery, venues, decorations, guest list management)
  • Research (travel booking, event tickets, child and family care referrals)



The LifeStylist is used to actualize dreams from start to finish. Riding a bike up a mountain? We’ll research the “14ers” in Colorado, find the best bike for the ride, purchase safety equipment (and cans of oxygen), and have it all shipped to the hotel—which we also booked. During our first interaction with each user, we’ll build a comprehensive user profile and introduce them to their personal LifeStylist. The LifeStylist will also keep track of everything else. Birthdays, anniversaries, scheduled oil changes: it’s all there in the user profile, so we can send reminders. No time to go buy flowers and make dinner reservations? We’ll do that too. Some of the dreams we’ve helped to achieve include:

  • Learning how to read to a new grandchild
  • Taking a month-long vacation in Paris
  • Renovating an old home

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Patient Experience Mapping Consultation

A good precursor to any patient-focused program, the Patient Experience Mapping will chart the experience of the average patient from entrance to discharge. With this customized report, you’ll be able to identify satisfaction deterrents, recognize best practices, discover opportunities for improvement or advancement, and create a baseline from which future performance can be measured. The components of Patient Experience Mapping include:

  • Shadowing and interviewing clinical, administrative and volunteer teams
  • Assessing all patient and visitor touchpoints, environments, transport and facilities
  • Identifying unmet or underserved needs
  • Staffing and enabling tactical plan


Patient Rounding

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone who isn’t going to stick you with a needle or give you medicine. Our Guest Relations Assistants are hospitality-trained professionals who love helping other people. They’ll visit inpatients all over your facility, or just on specific floors, to assist with any non-clinical requests. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, we make sure each patient’s stay is unhindered by the stress of daily life—so the patient and their family can focus on recovery. Services include:

  • Coordinating cost-effective travel and accommodations for visiting family
  • Bedside notary services and prescription delivery
  • Facilitating household chores, pet and child care
  • Checking post-discharge arrangements (supplies, home care and follow-ups)
  • Planning in-room celebrations

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Emergency Department Relations

Specializing in guest relations, the Errand Solutions Emergency Department attendant does everything possible to ease the inevitable stress of an emergency situation. The ED team will act as advocates for your patients and will work to increase open communication between the patient, the patient’s family and the hospital staff. Additional services include:

  • Facilitating communication regarding wait times or scheduled tests
  • Providing comfort items such as pillows and blankets for waiting patients
  • Offering food, snacks and drinks to patients and waiting family members
  • Distributing available reading materials, DVDs and/or laptops


Mother/Baby Concierge

New parents have a lot to think about. With the Errand Solutions Mother/Baby Concierge, let someone else remember the particulars so your patients can focus on their newest family member. This program is designed to help ease the stress of having a new baby by:

  • Helping to prepare new parents for their increased responsibilities.
  • Assisting with birth announcements and email blasts to friends and family.
  • Ensuring all necessary supplies have been gathered and set up at home prior to discharge.
  • Providing referrals and resources for home and other assistance.

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Discharge Assistance

A customized discharge program, combined with focused follow-up calls, has been shown to drastically reduce non-reimbursable readmissions. The discharge program can be on-site in a discharge lobby or lounge, virtual with proactive phone support for all discharged patients, or a combination of the two. Components include:

  • Comfort and entertainment items
  • Special incentives (such as discount coupons) for families of patients who are picked up before a designated time
  • Ongoing patient communication and support, including referrals for home services
  • Fond Farewell packet with take-home snack, post-discharge instructions and letter from hospital administration
  • Prescription and recovery supplies pickup/delivery
  • Volunteer Assistance with setting follow-up appointments and survey completion


Volunteer Enhancement

The lady in the pink jacket at your front desk may look harmless, but she’s actually a powerful tool your hospital can use to improve the patient experience and increase satisfaction scores. In fact, you probably have an entire team of ladies in pink jackets, ready to be deployed—they just need some guidance on what to do when they get into the trenches. That’s where Errand Solutions comes in. Our revolutionary volunteer program is a short or long-term solution, designed to help you tap into the unused talent in your volunteer pool. During our time with your team, we’ll help you:

  • Revive, revamp and rebrand your volunteer program
  • Streamline the volunteer recruiting and interviewing process
  • Identify your “A” and “A+” player volunteers
  • Provide training for your current volunteer base and volunteer management teams
  • Create scripting and role playing tools
  • Develop specialized SWAT teams to provide non-clinical care to specific units

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