By engaging employees, patients and visitors, you can ensure that each one receives the same exemplary customer service and money-saving discounts. Our hospitality-focused Guest Relations Attendants are committed to creating a WOW experience with each patient interaction. Some of our more popular programs include:

Patient Lifecycle Assessment

In order to identify pain points as well as best practices, Errand Solutions begins any patient program with an assessment of the patient lifecycle from entrance to discharge. The results of the assessment will determine which areas need the most attention and create a baseline from which future performance can be measured.


Greeter Desk

The Errand Solutions Greeter Desk ensures that each patient and visitor begin their hospital experience in the most positive possible fashion. Wayfinding, local directions and referrals or simply a friendly smile will go a long way toward getting your patients on the road to recovery.


Volunteer Training

 Our customized volunteer training sessions are designed to equip your volunteers with all the tools they need to effectively assist your patients and visitors and have a positive impact on satisfaction scores. Errand Solutions works with your human resources and volunteer services departments as well as auxiliary and volunteers to streamline operations and improve interdepartmental relations and communications.


Warm Welcome

Our program is designed to ensure your patients receive a warm welcome after they are settled in their room. In addition to working to make the patient as comfortable as possible, our patient rounders will assist with completing survey questions to measure satisfaction.


Magic Moments

From the ordinary to the extraordinary request, we make sure that each patient’s stay is unhindered by the stress of daily life - so the patient can focus on recovery. We fill your patients’ hospital stay with memorable experiences, designed to help increase your patient satisfaction scores.


Fond Farewell

From discharge to door, our staff ensures that the patient’s final moments in the hospital meet the high standards set throughout the rest of the stay. We ensure that transportation has been arranged and that the patient has received the necessary communication regarding their post-discharge care.


Emergency Department

Specializing in guest relations, the Errand Solutions ED attendant does everything possible to ease the inevitable stress of an emergency situation. They will act as a patient liaison and advocate, increasing open communication between the patient, the patient’s family and the hospital staff.


Caring Call

The Caring Call program is a centralized national outbound call center which allows your staff to focus solely on the medical needs of current patients by outsourcing post-discharge calls to clinically trained service professionals. You’ll be able to prevent non-reimbursable readmissions through appointment management and further reduce costs by managing all outbound calls at a fraction of the salary of one full time employee.