Sanity Savers

Operating in the framework of a hub-and-spoke model, services are rendered on-site through Errand Solutions site representatives or "Sanity Savers". Every Errand Solutions associate handles the needs of their users efficiently and professionally, while rarely leaving the on-site location. Our staff provides a distinctive personal interface between Errand Solutions and our end-users, vendors and client contacts that has been proven to be the critical element in the success of our programs. All staff members are trained to focus on your patients and employees’ needs and enhance their visit in every way possible. Extensive training, ongoing mentoring, sophisticated systems and management oversight allow the Errand Solutions associate to handle even the most complicated request with ease. Many of our associates also have a clinical background and are licensed to work with your patients. Your management will have input to determine the type of associate that will best operate within your existing culture, and will be included in our candidate review process.


Site Manager Responsibilities include:

  • On-site service management and delivery
  • Adherence to superior customer service standards
  • Vendor and inventory management
  • Cash and financial management
  • Teamwork with all site representatives, hospital staff and volunteers
  • Data entry and interaction record-keeping
  • Enhanced research projects

While all associates are empowered to resolve and correct vendor issues immediately, the Errand Solutions Service Excellence Center and corporate management are always available to provide additional support. Errand Solutions associates simply don’t say “no.”