Errand Solutions Service Standards

These Service Standards are instilled in every employee at Errand Solutions. We firmly believe in going above and beyond to create a "wow" experience for every customer, co-worker and client with whom we interact.


  1. Embrace, embody and energize our Vision and Mission. They reaffirm our purpose and commitment to creating a "wow" experience. 

  2. Greet every customer by name, with a warm smile and sincere eye contact. Encourage repeat customers by inviting them back. 

  3. Be proactive and anticipate the needs of your customers. Remember, you are giving your customers extra time, so help them to use it wisely. 

  4. Take responsibility for every request. Always offer options if we cannot meet the request. 

  5. Take ownership when a problem arises and treat every complaint with urgency. Acknowledge the issue and provide options for resolution. If you are unable to resolve the issue, ask for assistance. Follow up as soon as possible to ensure expectations are exceeded. 

  6. Support each other by practicing teamwork. Go the extra mile to assist other team members during down time.
  7. Convey professionalism by using authentic verbiage and body language that enhances the "wow" experience.
  8. Answer every call within three rings and with a smile, using our standard telephone greeting. 

  9. Take pride in your personal appearance. Everyone is responsible for maintaining a professional image, in compliance with the client location and Errand Solutions dress code. 

  10. Maintain a professional, well-organized work space, following guidelines set by the client and the HUB. 

  11. Minimize all costs as much as possible for your customers, the client, the company and our stakeholders. 

  12. Think safety first. Be aware and comply with the safety, security and emergency procedures of your location. 

  13. Support company objectives. Be familiar with all communication from the HUB. 

  14. Take pride in the information you process and consistently strive for quality and accuracy. Accurate information originates from being committed to data integrity.

  15. Create a work environment that brings happiness to you and all those with whom you interact. 

  16. Identify problems and creatively originate solutions. Taking an "early and often" approach to your work will manifest into successful results. 

  17. Practice unity. The HUB and the field are one company. Everyone helps to solidify Errand Solutions' position as the leader in best customer service practices. 

  18. Be sure to document important events and conversations. If it's worth saying, it's worth putting in writing. 

  19. Know that you respect what you inspect. If your site is audited, you should be confident you'll receive a passing grade. 

  20. Strive to educate yourself about your co-workers, your customers and your environment,. It's not what you know; it's what you don't know that matters. 

  21. Remember the power of the words "thank you".