Training & Consulting

At Errand Solutions, our biggest asset is our people. But we know that many organizations may not be able to take advantage of one of our full programs at this time. You can still capitalize on the specialized brand of Errand Solutions service by taking advantage of one of our many training and consulting packages. In addition to a wide variety of focused customer service training options, which may be delivered both in person and virtually, we offer the following two comprehensive consultations to our healthcare partners:

Patient Experience Mapping Consultation

A good precursor to any patient-focused program, the Patient Experience Mapping will chart the experience of the average patient from entrance to discharge. With this customized report, you’ll be able to identify satisfaction deterrents, recognize best practices, discover opportunities for improvement or advancement, and create a baseline from which future performance can be measured. The components of Patient Experience Mapping include:

  • Shadowing and interviewing clinical, administrative and volunteer teams
  • Assessing all patient and visitor touchpoints, environments, transport and facilities
  • Identifying unmet or underserved needs
  • Staffing and enabling tactical plan

Volunteer Enhancement

The lady in the pink jacket at your front desk may look harmless, but she’s actually a powerful tool your hospital can use to improve the patient experience and increase satisfaction scores. In fact, you probably have an entire team of ladies in pink jackets, ready to be deployed—they just need some guidance on what to do when they get into the trenches. That’s where Errand Solutions comes in. Our revolutionary volunteer program is a short or long-term solution, designed to help you tap into the unused talent in your volunteer pool. During our time with your team, we’ll help you:

  • Revive, revamp and rebrand your volunteer program
  • Streamline the volunteer recruiting and interviewing process
  • Identify your “A” and “A+” player volunteers
  • Provide training for your current volunteer base and volunteer management teams
  • Create scripting and role playing tools
  • Develop specialized SWAT teams to provide non-clinical care to specific units