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June 11, 2015 @ 4:13pm

Starting my second summer internship, I was curious how much of a difference it makes for college students to have an internship and why companies need interns. Turns out, internships are actually mutually beneficial to both the intern and the company. An internship is what you make of it; if you want to succeed you have to work hard. Here are some of the advantages of an internship.

Benefits for the Intern

Gain experience.
An internship in the real world is not only great for my resume, but an essential experience for college students like me at some point during the four years. My current internship at Errand Solutions gives me a chance to try out a career in marketing and see if I want to continue on that track. This internship gives me the chance for a hands-on experience that cannot be received in a classroom. Internships like this are crucial in helping me determine what major I want to pursue and what kind of job I see myself doing in the future.

Gain a wide range of skills.
An internship can also teach a wide range of skills that employers search for, including: teamwork, problem solving skills, leadership, time management skills and computer skills. Networking is another bonus of an internship. Depending on the qualifications of the college, I may even be able to receive college credit towards my degree.

Gives an advantage when searching for a job.
When recent college graduates are looking for a job, most employers look for previous experience. Companies feel more comfortable hiring a recent grad when that person already has solid experience in the field. That’s why internships throughout college are so important. Additionally, an internship can also be a pathway into an entry level job at that company. When I graduate, I know that I already have a great relationship with Errand Solutions. And even if I don’t end up working for them, I’ll be graduating with a good amount of experience in addition to a degree, positioning me ahead of many other recent graduate job hunters.

Benefits for the Company

Increases productivity.
Errand Solutions productivity is greatly increasing because of my help as an intern. I bring in a different perspective, new innovative ideas and a skill set that older full-time employees may lack. In the first few weeks of my internship, I have conducted research for events, learned WordPress, assisted running social media platforms and helped manage different websites. While these tasks may seem small, my work has allowed my co-workers to focus on the bigger, higher-level tasks. So not only am I learning new things, but their long to-do lists are quickly shrinking.

Find future employees.
Hiring an intern is a much more efficient way to find young, talented professionals and be able to evaluate if they would fit into the company in the future. This makes the process of hiring new employees much easier on employers like Errand Solutions. The lengthy training process is no longer necessary. There is also a longer employee-retention rate among employees that are hired after internships because they already know if they enjoy working there. As an example, a past intern of Errand Solutions was hired after graduating from college last month. In fact, he’s sitting at the desk across from me at the HUB right now. Not only is it nice to know someone who has gone through this internship before, but I hope when I graduate in a few years, I’ll be given the same opportunities as him.

Just as it’s my goal to increase Errand Solutions’ productivity, Errand Solutions’ goal is to increase the productivity of others. We’re here to take care of the errands and to-do lists that occupy your employees’ time so they can focus on the difficult and demanding tasks at work. Give us a call at 312.475.3800 or email us at to find out how your business can take advantage of our one-of-a-kind service. 

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