Patient Program Results

Good Choices

Patients are customers with the power to shop around for the best medical care. High satisfaction and HCAHPS scores aren’t just nice to have—they’re good for business. Increase ratings and patient loyalty with the Errand Solutions Patient Experience. Our clients have experienced amazing improvements in satisfaction scores after implementing Errand Solutions patient programs. Key results include: 


• ED patient satisfaction increased by 2.5 points after only 30 days of service

• Press Ganey patient satisfaction mean score for Overall Satisfaction increased by 3.1 points in 90

• Overall Patient Perception of Care percentile ranking increased by 850% after 90 days of service.

• Satisfaction scores consistently average 30% higher than pre-program results and have
   maintained this average for nearly three years.

• Perception of Attention to Personal Needs by repeat patients increased by 3.4 points just one