What We Do

Errand Solutions is a fully customizable errand running, convenience and discount service. We are frequently offered as an employee benefit designed to ease the strain on employees by tackling their to-do lists while they work. Thus we increase their productivity and focus on the job while providing employees more quality free time away from work. Our hospital service options include patient care in all areas of the facility and have allowed our clients to realize immediate and measurable improvements in patient and visitor satisfaction scores. We provide a number of services, to clients in a vast array of fields. 

How we do it

Operating in the framework of a hub-and-spoke model, services are predominantly rendered on-site through Errand Solutions Sanity Savers. Their distinctive personalized service has proven to be the critical element in the success of our programs. Extensive training, ongoing mentoring, sophisticated systems and management oversight allow our Sanity Savers to handle even the most complicated request with ease.