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At Errand Solutions, we make people’s lives easier and help businesses grow.

Errand Solutions works for companies and tackles the personal to-do lists of their employees. Since our start in 2001, we have helped 3.9 million people, completed 7.2 billion requests, and saved our users 2.7 billion hours. Using more than 2,000 local businesses, we’ve also funneled $200 million back into local communities.

We want you to apply to become one of Errand Solutions’ exclusive preferred providers! Becoming one of our preferred providers is a simple way to gain new business without spending more money. Fill out our application to start the process today.

The benefits of becoming a preferred provider include:

  • Lowering cost of sales
  • New business opportunities
  • Repeat clientele
  • Fast and easy payment system via direct deposit (no credit card fees)
  • Free marketing opportunities
  • Promotion of new/existing deals


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